Ecosystem and business beneficiaries :

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Business Scenario:

Travellers are looking at avenues to kill boredom. The wiliness to consume content is paramount Transport service providers are looking at avenues to improve the travel experience, offer value added services.
Content publishers are seeking new markets to monetize their content Advertisers are looking for audiences to advertise their products


The fundamental question yet would be - Why would travellers be willing to pay for an entertainment service, if they already have connectivity and free content loaded on their smart devices?

The AMUZ service does not require an internet connection, as the content is hosted on a local hot spot. All that is required is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device, (such as a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.) content can be viewed through the browser or can be done by easily installing a app. which is easy to use.

The service literally travels with the traveller who is accessing it. The service would also be able to offer the eco system players with many opportunities to create compelling value added services in order to make the travel experience enriching based on personalization and context.